Call for Short Position Papers
Deadline: June 06, 2021
We are calling for members of the community who are engaged in teaching performance with digital musical instruments to share their pedagogical experiences and strategies and to discuss the practicalities involved in the process.
Workshop participants may submit a short position paper (1-2 pages) using the NIME Paper Proceedings Template or alternatively, a 400-500 abstract, a slide deck, a pictorial, or a link to a video. We decided it was important to allow for submissions with different types of formats which reflect the diversity of perspectives within the NIME community.
The deadline for submission is Monday June 06, 2021 (midnight your local time). Submissions will be publicly showcased in this space as proceedings.
Please fill this form to submit your submission's PDF and answer some questions to help us better orient the discussion during the sessions:​
Participants will also be expected to present their papers at the workshop and discuss them with other attendees during the breakout discussions.
The duration of each presentation slot will depend on the number of submissions, but we are expected to have 1 hour of presentations. We will share a timetable with the line up of presentations.
It is not compulsory to submit a paper to attend this workshop but it is highly encouraged.
Suggested topics for position submissions:
  • Personal perspectives on teaching
  • Educational design strategies
  • Pedagogical / philosophical approaches
  • Teaching performance techniques for Digital Musical Instruments (DMIs)
  • Improvising as a performance pedagogy approach with DMIs
  • Scoring and notating for DMIs
  • Communities of Practice
  • Classroom activities
  • Documenting NIME pedagogical practices

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