Code of Conduct
Please read carefully*
1. If asked to provide a username before you are admitted into a live event, you must use your full name to identify yourself. If you enter an event with a slang name i.e. Tiger123 or User 1, you will be asked to change your name.
2. Unless you are asked to turn your microphone on to participate, please ensure your microphone is on mute to avoid unwanted noise.
3. If provided with an opportunity to speak or ask questions, please refrain from using explicit language, slang or any terms that can be deemed offensive.
4. If you are permitted to turn on your camera ensure that you are dressed appropriately, you are facing the camera, have good lighting, are visible with an appropriate background.
5. We want our online events to be safe spaces for speakers and attendees. Harassment, bullying and hate of any kind is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If you are found in breach of this, you will be ejected from the event. *Based on: Queen Mary Arts and Culture Online Etiquette for Events
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